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Calvary Fellowship Ottawa Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



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Wed Mar 01, 2023
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Thu Feb 02, 2023

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:   Calvary Chapel Church

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Calvary Fellowship Ottawa is a vibrant church with many young families and children. The founding pastor, Andy Falleur, relocated back to the United States at the end of 2021. Currently being led by Transitional Senior Pastor John Cowan, (of Poimen Ministries),  the church is looking for the man God has called to be their long-term Shepherd.


Calvary Fellowship of Ottawa (CFO) was founded in 2005 by Pastor Andy Falleur who moved to Ottawa from Florida with the blessing of two sending churches, Calvary Chapel of St. Pete (Pastor Danny Hodges), and Calvary Chapel of Palm Harbor (Pastor Brett Robinson). He fostered strong relationships with the recovery community and university students, some of whom became interns and went on to plant churches or start missionary works in Ottawa and beyond. Today many of the once young singles are married and driving minivans full of young children to church every Sunday. Our children’s ministry (with 30+ kids under 10 years old) is a growing part of our fellowship of approximately 80 adults.

Calvary is thick with relationships. One of CFO’s distinctives is its habit of including interaction during the Sunday services. At the end of the service, we break into groups of 2-5 (men-with-men, ladies-with-ladies) to share and pray for each other. Over the years, this practice has developed deep and gracious community. Our primary distinctive is a commitment to systematic, verse-by-verse, chapter-by-chapter, book-by-book teaching through the Bible

Calvary currently shares space with 4th Ave. Baptist Church, meeting in the downstairs gym for Sunday services, while having full-time space for a small office and the ‘Upper Room’, a small, comfortable multi-purpose room. 

Currently, the ‘Upper Room’ also serves as a part-time Christian Bookstore offering curated used books along with new Bibles and publications from the Canadian Bible Society.

Current Status

Calvary has experienced a few set-backs over the last few years impacting both attendance and morale. 

As is common with transitions, the dynamics surrounding and leading up to Pastor Andy’s decision to leave Canada produced some discouragement and insecurity. Some people quietly wandered away.
In addition, this took place while navigating the ‘uncharted waters’ of Covid.

Thankfully, Calvary is a healthy church with a core of committed believers. Currently, the church is rebounding as some of the ‘wanderers’ have returned, new people are coming, and new ministries are being launched and growing. Please see our Prospectus file (PDF), including current pictures.

Qualifications of Pastor

1 Timothy 3:1-7 - “1 This is a faithful saying: If a man desires the position of a bishop, he desires a good work. 2 A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, temperate, sober-minded, of good behavior, hospitable, able to teach; 3 not given to wine, not violent, not greedy for money, but gentle, not quarrelsome, not covetous; 4 one who rules his own house well, having his children in submission with all reverence 5 (for if a man does not know how to rule his own house, how will he take care of the church of God?); 6 not a novice, lest being puffed up with pride he fall into the same condemnation as the devil. 7 Moreover he must have a good testimony among those who are outside, lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil.” 

  • Strong Bible Teacher

  • Solid Family Man

  • Proven Ministry

  • Team Leader

  • Calvary Chapel (or Like-Minded) 

A core CFO value is systematic Bible teaching - verse-by-verse, chapter-by-chapter, book-by-book. As this is a core Calvary Chapel value, we expect the next pastor to seek affiliation with Calvary Chapel.
Because of the cultural and governmental dynamics of living and ministering in Canada, it would be great if the next pastor of CFO is Canadian. If not, it will be important to be committed to long-term ministry in Canada and willing to be flexible in adjusting to ministry in this country. 

The church is able to offer a salary of @ $60,000 CAN + additional helps.

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If you have questions or would like to pursue this further, please contact me directly: Pastor John Cowan, Poimen Ministries | Calvary Fellowship Ottawa

email: [email protected] | [email protected]
cell: 801-831-8546 (call or text) | Canada: 613-769-3576

If you are applying for the position, please provide: 

  • A resumé, including education, work, and ministry experience.

  • A minimum of 3 personal references, including 2 pastors.

  • Links to audio or video samples of your teaching/speaking.

  • A brief letter sharing why you are applying and interested in this opportunity.

Please also tell us a little about your marriage, family, interests and recreation.


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