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The Crossing Washington Crossing, PA, Pennsylvania, United States



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Fri Jan 19, 2024
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Tue Dec 19, 2023

Job Denomination

:   United Methodist Church

Job Summary

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  1. The purpose of this position is to manage the business of the church

  2. Accurate Accounting and financial integrity of the church's financial records

  3. Providing required data to submit the annual District Reports

  4. Oversee and ensure all contracts entered into by the Crossing

  5. Managing cash flow

  6. Administer the church financials

  7. Prepares and presents the annual church budget and reports on a monthly basis to the leadership committee

  8. Manages the audit process

  9. Accounts Payable

  10. Enters daily total contributions


  12. Competent in QuickBooks

  13. Experience in various aspects of a business

  14. Experience in budget preparation

  15. Well-rounded in business and finance and integrity to run the church office

  16. EDUCATION: A college degree helpful

  17. HOURS: approx. 16-24 hours/week


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