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Director of Worship Arts

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3 years - 6 years




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Worship Pastor

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Tue Mar 30, 2021
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Thu Dec 31, 2020

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:   Presbyterian - Other

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Presbyterian Church (ECO) in Ventura, CA is a community of growing disciples seeking to grow others. Together we follow Jesus, love others, and teach His ways that we might make flourishing disciples of Jesus as an intergenerational church. We believe our story, for more than 150 years, is best told in the countless lives raised up in faith and sent into the world to serve Christ.  We seek a full-time Director of Worship Arts to join our program staff and add to our development as a church through the creation and implementation of an intergenerational worship experience.


Position Summary:   

The Director of Worship Arts will develop the components of the Worship Service which enhance the other elements such as the spoken word, prayer, offering and relational aspect of our worship services, special events, and seasonal programs. All of this should be done with a willingness to learn, enhance, and work within our Reformed theology and order.


Director of Worship Arts Job Description



In full time collaboration with our Pastors and program staff, the Director of Worship Arts will select music, musical arrangements and/or artistic presentations for any of our worship settings. The Director shall develop musicians, create musician teams, and prepare the teams for musical leadership in a variety of settings. CPC is a church that values congregational participation. Therefore, the Director of Worship Arts needs to lead and arrange music and art in such a way that intergenerational congregational participation is maximized.





  1. Develop musical teams for the traditional as well as the contemporary/family worship services

  2. Lead and play with the music team during the contemporary worship service and supervise the traditional service, leading and playing when appropriate

  3. Select the music, and/or any alternative expression of art, for the worship service, that will complement the sermon series. This will be done in consultation with the Pastoral Staff.

  4. Prepare the music for the musicians, choir, or singers prior to rehearsal. 5. Schedule and lead the rehearsals each week

  5. Promote multigenerational choir and music programs

  6. Work with the Worship and Arts Team to develop worship services and holiday programs that expand to elements beyond music alone, such as dance, artwork, or drama performances.

  7. Keep all the scheduled worship information (times, dates, personnel, song selections) up to date in the Planning Center (CPC database) by close of business on Monday.


Additional Duties:


  1. Develop a volunteer program that will assist with worship service or program needs including but not limited to welcome greeters and ushering.

  2. Assist with any orientation or education for the teams listed above

  3. Assist with developing leaders that can continue to expand on the volunteer teams.




  • Ability to skillfully lead with playing of Piano or guitar

  • An excellent vocalist

  • Knowledge and abilities in use and training of multi-track/click track technologies as enhancements to worship music when needed

  • Ability to read music is desired

  • Able to arrange musical scores for praise teams or to utilize online apps to accomplish this

  • Able to create holiday and/or special worship events

  • Ability to lead a choir and/or to supervise the leading of the choir

  • Communication Skills: oral and written

  • Ability to work collaboratively with a variety of people

  • Familiarity with and ability to use a variety of Social Media formats

  • Organized

  • Approachable

  • Team Player

  • Motivational

  • Intergenerational interpersonal skills

  • Leadership skills

  • Ability to learn and work within a budget process Education and Training:


Experience: · 2-4 years experience worship music leadership


Submit resume and performance video to Mary Ellen Gridley Closing date: March 1, 2021













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