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Woodinville Alliance Church Woodinville, Washington, Washington, United States



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Senior Pastor

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Thu Apr 14, 2022
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Wed Apr 14, 2021

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:   Christian Missionary Alliance Church

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Our Church

Our Mission/Vision -- Woodinville Alliance Church seeks to be a community where every person discovers who they really are in Christ, experiences His goodness, and shares this life-changing encounter with their world so that others might value and choose Jesus for themselves. This new life results in a movement from Self-reliance to God-reliance, Isolation to Belonging, Fear to Trust, Duty to Delight, Brokenness to Wholeness, Insignificance to Purpose.

Who We Are -- We are an open, warm, friendly community of people journeying together through real life.  Our gatherings provide a welcoming environment, inviting all people, wherever they may be with God, into transformative community. We are a people who are learning to trust in God’s goodness and His good intentions for us. 

We desire to be people who intentionally make ourselves “present to” and “present for” God in order that we might know Him and respond in obedience to His loving-initiatives. We are people who seek to be informed and formed by the biblical narrative and who are finding both who we are and why we are through that narrative.

We want to engage with each other and God to do His work in our community and world so that it becomes a better reflection of the shalom (wholeness) which God intended. Compelled by the Great Commission of Jesus, and the example of the Apostles, we will reach toward people beyond our region throughout the World to spread the Gospel, and to share compassion with others. We’re builders, senders, and healers.

We come from many faith backgrounds, many trades and professions, many walks of life, and multiple generations, yet through God’s Spirit we are one community of believers, unified by His love for us.

Our Ministries & Outreach -- Woodinville Alliance has a wide array of ministry and outreach opportunities, which we see as a natural way to care for those around us, expressing thanks to God as a response to His living in us.  These ministries include: 

  • Children’s Ministry – a ministry that comes alongside parents to provide a foundation for spiritual growth in our kids

  • Men’s and Women’s Ministries – two amazing weekly programs focused on relationships and spiritual growth.

  • Small groups – Bible study and care groups ranging in size from 4-14, meeting frequently in homes

  • The Porch – come as you are. This is a ministry of connection with espresso “on the side” (Have a cup on us!)

  • Young Adult ministry – engaging college aged to 20-something young adults, bringing the gospel to the unchurched and mentoring and raising up those who know Him to greater maturity in their walk

  • The Way – student ministry, with multiple weekly gatherings of middle and high school students focused on Gospel truth, discipleship, and service

  • Global Missions – a significant part of our DNA is missions, we have sent teams to Mexico, Russia and Guatemala, as well as provided support for missionary work in Indonesia, Palestine and elsewhere

  • Renew Ministry – a prayer ministry guiding us to greater ability to listen to the voice of the Spirit, bringing insight for ourselves and for others

  • Totes to Go – outreach and aid for homeless children

  • Young Adult House – residential living opportunity for young adults to live in discipleship and community

  • Crystal Springs Elementary Service Day – Annual all-congregation service day to this local elementary school with the largest immigrant population in our district (over 30 languages).

  • Additional Important Ministries -- these ministries originating from outside Woodinville Alliance provide services which we support and participate in:

    • Christian and Missionary Alliance initiatives – Great Commission Fund and other opportunities

    • Acres of Diamonds – Creating lasting change for homeless moms and kids through a caring community

    • Freedom Immersion – Strengthening connections of believers to the Spirit

    • CAMA Services – the relief arm of the C&MA

Our Team

  • Mark Miller, Interim Pastor

  • Aaron Cato, Executive Pastor

  • Keri Foley, Family Equipping Pastor

  • Diane Bricker, Office Manager

  • Sandy Calissendorff, Women’s Ministry Director

  • Alex Worthington, Youth Pastor

  • Michael Louderback, Young Adults Pastor

  • Alissa Sandoval, Youth Ministry Associate

  • Kiernan Foley, Worship Director

  • Ken Knuckey, Facilities Director

  • Michael Williams, Facilities

Our Finances -- Woodinville Alliance is debt free and keeps a reasonable amount in reserves.  Our budget for 2021 is $880,000.

Our Services & Worship - We presently have 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM services in a contemporary worship setting and style, with livestreaming of the 10:30 service. Our main Worship Center has seating for nearly 500 per service.

Our History -- Woodinville Alliance began in 1979 as a daughter church of North Seattle Alliance Church with the name of North Creek Alliance Church.

In 1983, the church purchased our current property and changed the name to Woodinville Alliance.  Three building projects in 1985-1986, 1992-1994 and 2003-2005 were completed to better reach our community and serve a growing congregation.  Through the generosity of our congregation and a debt reduction plan begun in 2013, we are fortunate to own our 50,000+ square foot facility and the seven acres on which it sits, freeing up resources for ministries, worship, education, outreach, and missions.

During this time of COVID and mindful of our responsibility to our members and community, we follow Washington’s Faith-Based Organizations COVID-19 Requirements, including limiting in-person attendance and supplementing in-person services with virtual services.   Prior to the pandemic attendance was in the 200-300+ range.  We have both the physical plant and the ministry potential to support a significantly larger congregation, though we are less concerned with numbers than with the presence of God in our body.

Our just-departed lead pastor joined us in 2015 and is currently hearing a call to relocate to Arizona for family reasons.  As he completes his career as a lead pastor, we are thankful for what he has brought to our body over the past five years and are looking forward to what God has in store for us next.

Our Community

About Woodinville - Right smack in the middle of the professional tech and scenic rural corridor, Woodinville reflects a blend of its agricultural roots and the technology hub of the larger Seattle & Eastside metro area that it directly feeds. As a bedroom community sitting along the Sammamish River, it has its own distinct charm and identity.

With over 100 wineries and tasting rooms, a large number of farms, equestrian facilities, walking and biking trails, and hundreds of acres of wooded and grass parks, Woodinville has grown into a major recreation and tourism destination across the Puget Sound region.  It’s simply a great place to enjoy the outdoors, be a part of something culturally unique, and experience community life.

Just slightly removed from the intersection of two major freeways, the town of Woodinville is right next door to the University of Washington Bothell campus, four major education institutions, Microsoft, Amazon and other innovation centers and employers. A majority of its residents are well educated professionals of all ages. Within the immediate surrounding community, 5 to 15 miles from Woodinville, reside the larger suburban cities of Bellevue (pop 148K), Redmond (pop 70K), Kirkland (pop 91K), and Bothell (pop 48K). Woodinville itself has a population of 13K.

Woodinville Alliance is centrally situated off the main road that runs through the valley, less than half a mile in either direction between the town center and the winery district. Our facility sits on seven acres of land in the Sammamish Valley, with the river behind it.

Lead Pastor Profile

Woodinville Alliance and its leadership team senses a very clear movement of God aimed at the renewing and restoring of Woodinville and the surrounding community.  At the same time, we believe God is calling us to a renewed emphasis on reaching around the world to those God calls us to encounter with His good news. We believe that God’s Spirit has positioned us for growth. Our priority is creating and sharing an expectancy for transformation, healing, and encounter with God; believing quantitative increase is a good sign of health when chasing the qualitative.

While we believe this movement of God is beyond a building, a church brand, or an individual personality, we faithfully anticipate God bringing a leader who sees himself as one part (or member) of many in the body. This man’s vision and eagerness for people and ministry will stem from a personal conviction of call, maturity, and ongoing experience with the living God. He will communicate excitement for the Good News of God’s loving grace deeply with others while remaining available to hear God’s voice speaking new and creative things into his own heart. Prayer will be his anchor, the Word his foundation, and the Spirit his guide.

The next Lead Pastor at Woodinville Alliance will be a gifted communicator of God’s Word and a learner himself.  He will highly value both strong biblical exposition as well as practical application in his teaching. He will provide Christ-centered, life-oriented biblical teaching which recognizes and speaks to a range of spiritual maturity levels and a multi-generational audience. He will have a passion and ability to make the truths of the Scripture relevant to those exploring the faith, as well as challenging devoted followers of Jesus, leading people to experience, and follow, and serve Jesus. He will lead Spirit-inspired worship that draws people into corporate and personal encounters with God.  Our church body has grown in connecting with the Spirit and finding closer personal relationship with God through the Spirit. Our next Lead Pastor will continue to foster that spirituality and help direct it toward serving our community and the world through outreach and mission. He will have received a biblical education that has prepared him for pastoral ministry, have a clear spiritual calling to the role of Lead Pastor, and meet the biblical qualification for eldership expressed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. The next Lead Pastor at Woodinville Alliance will not only be an excellent communicator of God’s Word but also pastor the congregation and cast inspirational and actionable vision for the future.

Our community is creative, techy, suburban and in need of deeper meaning in their lives. Our next Lead Pastor will embrace its diversity of ages, races, incomes, spiritual maturity, and church backgrounds. He will engage the culture around him with the Truth in relevant ways. He will see himself as a servant leader.

The next Lead Pastor will project his vision for the church through effective leadership of the church staff and lay leaders. He will possess a proven track record of developing people and their giftedness in the body.  He will equip the members of his leadership team to lead effectively, coach and encourage them, recognizing their individual gifts while fostering cooperation and service to one another. 

Our desire is that candidates applying for the Lead Pastor position will self-assess and determine the degree of call and internal alignment he shares with the qualities, skills, and experience mentioned before submitting for this position.

Minimum Qualifications

  • At least 5 years of experience as a Lead Pastor with a church of similar size or larger than Woodinville Alliance

  • At least 3 additional years in paid ministry or staff positions

  • A Bachelor’s Degree (required), and a Master’s or Doctorate Degree (preferred)

  • All doctrinal beliefs must be in harmony with the Christian and Missionary Alliance denomination. (Our governing articles of faith can be found at the following link:

  • Must be eligible for ordination in the C&MA

  • Moved to express worship and lead others toward heartfelt worship

Desired Skills 

Elder Skills

  • Able to keep confidential information

  • Spiritual maturity

  • Able to exhort in sound doctrine

  • Excellent interpersonal skills

  • Excellent organizational leadership skills

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Humility

  • Conflict-resolution skills

Leadership Skills

  • Is a servant by nature

  • Allows Scripture and prayer to inform his decision-making process

  • Is able to lead, develop and deploy a multi-staff team

  • Has the ability to create vision together with the leadership of the church

  • Imparts vision to others using clear communication

  • Is able to think creatively and apply ideas and concepts in new ways

  • Has the ability to lead the board, staff and church strategically toward specific ministry outcomes

  • Is able to lead the church into a future that combines digital and physical church elements

  • Desires accountability in fulfilling his responsibilities and meeting the needs of those he serves

Teaching Skills

  • Communicates biblical truth that inspires greater obedience to the Word

  • Can challenge listeners simply and practically with the truths of Scripture

  • Calls others to an increasingly deep knowledge of the Word

  • Gives attention to detail and accuracy

  • Is committed to consistent personal time of biblical study and reflection


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