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Ministry Leader(s) (Couple)

The Mission 01 Inc. Lexington Park, Maryland, Maryland, United States



3 years - 6 years



$3000-$3500 Monthly

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Missions Pastor

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Fri Sep 16, 2022
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Fri Jun 17, 2022

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:   Non-Denominational Church

Job Summary

Job Description

Position Summary:
This position is located at the Steven E. Kessler Center, a ministry of The Mission 01, Inc. at 20953 Great Mills Road, Lexington Park, MD 20653.

The incumbent(s) will serve as the day-to-day facility manager(s) for the Center and as the primary point(s) of contact for all participants in The Mission’s New Beginnings Program, a Christian-based program which provides the resources and opportunities needed by those who desire to move from homelessness and/or addiction to productive lives of independence.

The ideal applicant(s) will be a married Christian couple with a heart for ministry to theun derserved and underprivileged in our community.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
First and foremost, the incumbent(s) serve as the principal interface between each program participant and The Mission. As such and at all times, the incumbent(s) are expected to provide a Christian presence and Christ-like example worthy of emulation by the participants. It is also reasonable to expect that program participants will come to view the incumbent(s) as trusted mentors and, therefore, the incumbent(s) must be capable of and
willing to provide advice and counsel that is both Biblical in its basis and consistent with the New Beginnings Program initiatives and guidelines.

Although not all-inclusive, the following delineates the primary duties and responsibilities
for this position:
 Serve as on-site facility manager(s) for two dormitory-type buildings each housing a
maximum of nine men and three women who are engaged in our New Beginnings
 Ensure program participants maintain the facilities and grounds in such a manner as
to promote Godly cleanliness and hygiene.
 Enforce the rules and regulations established for the personal behavior of program
participants; as appropriate, monitor audio and video surveillance systems while
participants are on-site.
 Provide minor facility maintenance and repairs and coordinate major repairs as
 Provide daily transportation services between the Kessler Center and the Robert
Myers Day Center for program participants. On occasion, provide additional
transportation services for individual program participants in support of participant
program objectives.
 Maintain frequent liaison with The Mission’s Senior Pastor and the Director of
Operations, as appropriate, regarding the program participants.
 Coordinate the efforts of volunteers who may serve at the Kessler Center; such
volunteers may include, for example, those providing evening Bible studies and
small groups or additional facility repair and groundskeeping efforts.
 Coordinate or conduct a brief daily (Monday through Saturday) devotional for
program participants.

Position Benefits and Compensation:
The primary benefit available to the incumbent(s) will be derived from knowing you are fulfilling a call from the Lord to serve brothers and sisters in need. Additionally, the following tangible benefits are provided:
 Housing: an on-site, unfurnished apartment of about 900 square feet.
 Paid utilities (water/sewer, gas, electric and internet/cable services)
 Full access to The Mission’s Food Pantry (Dinner Served Nightly at location)
 Three one-week paid vacation periods
 Sixty-day sabbatical after five years of service


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