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Associate Planter/Missionary

Operation ABQ Albuquerque, NM, New Mexico, United States



1 year - 3 years



Moving Expensed reimbursed/No salary right now

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Any Job Types

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Church Planter

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Mon Dec 04, 2023
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Mon Dec 05, 2022

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Job Summary

Job Description

Roles And Responsibilities

The role of an Associate Planter is to work in harmony with the Lead Planter, to have a firm grasp on the purpose, values and strategy of the church plant team.

  • Support the Lead Planter in the overall vision casting and leadership of the church’s teaching, outreach strategies, and service planning.

  • Able to function as the Lead Planter’s “backup” for sermons and meetings.

  • Be missionally and evangelistically minded. Able to communicate comfortably with strangers.

  • Be hospitable and able to host people in their homes and be comfortable discipling others at coffee shops and public spaces.

  • Be teachable and trainable. New Mexico is a hard, secular location with a nuanced culture that is openly hostile to Christianity. Culture shock is expected, and the candidate must be humble and able to learn from the Lead Planter.

  • Be theologically grounded and doctrinally gracious. For a full description of our denominational beliefs refer to the website.

 Qualifications and Education Requirements

At least 2 years of experience in a ministry position and able to provide 3 references from non-relatives who are church leaders.

 Preferred Skills

Able to speak publicly

Able to preach/teach

Able to speak comfortably with strangers

Able to be politically, theologically, and personally gracious and hospitable 

Mission Statement

  • We exist to multiply disciples who live and love like Jesus by sharing our tables and lives with our neighbors. 


  • Discipleship – Discipleship encompasses a person holistically and seeks for a person to grow in Christ emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Discipleship is life-on-life and occurs through a more mature believer in Christ teaching other believers how to live and love like Jesus.

  • Relationship – The Gospel moves best on the bridge of relationships. We acknowledge the long history of programmatic outreach in the Church but as missionaries to a secularized culture we believe that the Gospel is best shared through life-on-life missional living. This cannot occur unless we are in relationship with others in our neighborhoods, shops, and workplaces. 



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